Hand Knotted Wigs


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Alexis Deluxe Tec (Mono) - Ellen Wille

This wig is 100% hand made with a monofilament top.

Aurora Comfort - Ellen Wille

For elegance and beauty choose this layered top and lively neck section wig.

Click on colour chart to enlarge it. 100% handmade.

Imagine - Natural Image

This wig has a hand knotted top section and is in a 'crop' style. Length from crown, four inches, from nape, one and three-quarter inches and from side of head, two and a quarter inches. The cap size is Petite and it has a comfort cap base.


Lily - Hairware Natural Collection

This is a lace fronted wig which is also hand tied for a natural look. The fringe can be trimmed if required.


Sally - Natural Image

A very comfortable short wig. It is light and easy to wear.

Fully hand knotted wig fibres on a lace base.

Made especially for the woman experiencing hair loss but with no loss of style.

Petite cap size.


Serene - Natural Image

Short, lace fronted wig with a hand-knotted top which gives plenty of styling options.


Constant - Natural Image

This wig is in a wavy style and has a lace front and a hand knotted top. The length from the crown is four and a half inches, from nape, three inches and length from side of head is three inches. The cap size is Average.

Daring - Natural Image

This very popular synthetic wig is lace fronted and hand knotted. It has a hand tied cap and sheer lace front. The cap size is Petite.

Chic - Henry Margu

The weight of this wig is 3.30 ounces. The overall length is 10". It has a 100% hand knotted stretch cap with a monofilament top and lace front.