Hand Knotted Wigs


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Alexis Deluxe Tec (Mono) - Ellen Wille

This wig is 100% hand made with a monofilament top.

Aurora Comfort - Ellen Wille

For elegance and beauty choose this layered top and lively neck section wig.

Click on colour chart to enlarge it. 100% handmade.

Demi - Natural Image

Hand-tied bob style wig with full layers to give extra volume.

Fully hand-knotted fibres on a fine, soft lace base. The wig can be parted whichever way you like, which gives a natural look.


Elegance - Natural Image

This wig is in a classic short style with short, wavy layers, a fringe and longer layers at the sides of the ears. Length from crown, three inches, from nape, two inches and from side of head, four inches. The cap size is Average and it is 100% hand knotted.


Imagine - Natural Image

This wig has a hand knotted top section and is in a 'crop' style. Length from crown, four inches, from nape, one and three-quarter inches and from side of head, two and a quarter inches. The cap size is Petite and it has a comfort cap base.


Lily - Hairware Natural Collection

This is a lace fronted wig which is also hand tied for a natural look. The fringe can be trimmed if required.


Sally - Natural Image

A very comfortable short wig. It is light and easy to wear.

Fully hand knotted wig fibres on a lace base.

Made especially for the woman experiencing hair loss but with no loss of style.

Petite cap size.


Serene - Natural Image

Short, lace fronted wig with a hand-knotted top which gives plenty of styling options.