Serene - Natural Image

Short, lace fronted wig with a hand-knotted top which gives plenty of styling options.

  • Coffee Mist G6+
    Coffee Mist G6+
  • Paprika Mist G30+
    Paprika Mist G30+
  • Chocolate Copper Mist G630+
    Chocolate Copper Mist G630+
  • Nutmeg Mist G10+
    Nutmeg Mist G10+
  • Dark Cinnamon Mist G829+
    Dark Cinnamon Mist G829+
  • Ginger Mist G27+
    Ginger Mist G27+
  • Buttered Toast Mist
    Buttered Toast Mist
  • Praline Mist G19+
    Praline Mist G19+
  • Wheat Mist G20+
    Wheat Mist G20+
  • Sugared Silver G56+
    Sugared Silver G56+