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Henry Margu - Classic Band

Black hair band with 14" hair. Weighs 3.55 ounces. Two and a half inch permanently attached black headband.

Hair World Styling Spritz 250ml spray bottle

For synthetic, fibre or human hair.

Hair World UV Shine Spray 100ml

This product will enhance both synthetic and human hair wigs. It also has a filter to protect against UV rays and colour fade.

Henry Margu Revitalise Conditioning Mist - 236ml

Use this spray-on conditioner to rejuvenate and freshen your wig. It will also help to reduce fibre friction on synthetic wigs.


Henry Margu Synth Revitalise Conditioning Spray

Henry Margu Synthetic Hair Revitalise Conditioning Spray 8 fl ozs/236 ml.

Very good for eliminating a frizzy look to synthetic hair.  It can be used daily to eliminate any odours.


Henry Margu Synthetic Shape Defining Spritz 236ml

Henry Margu Synthetic Shape Defining Styling Spritz 8 fl ozs/236 ml.

Gives a gentle hold to your hair style.


Henry Margu Synthetic Hair Cleanse Shampoo 8 fl ozs

Henry Margu Synthetic Hair Cleanse Shampoo.  8 fl ozs/236 ml.

This shampoo is used for washing and revitalising synthetic wigs. It leaves the hair feeling soft.