Wig Dressing Service

We offer a complete cutting, styling and re-dressing service for wigs purchased from us or wigs you have purchased elsewhere.  Telephone us with your problem.

Chemotherapy and Experiencing Hair Loss

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or you are taking medicines that have a side effect of hair loss you may be eligible for a wig or partial hairpiece discount e.g. those taking medication for a thyroid problem or arthritis.  Speak to us about it, you may be eligible for the VAT discount.

Natural Hair Loss

If you suffer from natural hair loss and are distressed by this condition you can have a wig.  This can radically improve the appearance of your own natural hair and therefore improve your self-esteem and confidence. Remember you may be entitled to a discount.


If you suffer from either partial or full Alopecia you can also receive help to get a wig from us.  Ask us for details as you may be able to have the VAT discount.
We will do our utmost to make you an appointment, even if it is last minute, and you can cancel at any time should you not feel well or are unable to make the appointment.  Do ring again when you are feeling better.