Petite Wigs


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Abbie (Petite) - Hair World

This is a wefted wig. The hair length is one and three-quarters to three and a half inches with a three and a quarter inch fringe. It is three and a half inches on the crown and three and a quarter inches at the sides. At the nape it is one and three-quarter inches. The wig weighs 55 grams.


Power - Raquel Welch

A new boycut introduced in 2003 from Raquel Welch. This one has a bit more lift than her very popular 'Wildfire'. Still, use mousse or wig cream to get it picked up and holding to your taste. Perfect for summer. Short and sassy.

Length 1.5-3.5 in.

Weight 2.1 oz.

Head Size: smallish average.