Natural Image Layered Short Top Piece

This top piece can enhance a fringe or add body to fine or greying hair. It has a monofilament base and is secured by four clips. More clips can be purchased from us.
  • Black Espresso R1
    Black Espresso R1
  • Buttered Toast R1416
    Buttered Toast R1416
  • Butterscotch R1627
    Butterscotch R1627
  • Chestnut R10
    Chestnut R10
  • Chocolate/Copper R6/30
    Chocolate/Copper R6/30
  • Dark Cholcolate R6
    Dark Cholcolate R6
  • Ebony R2
    Ebony R2
  • Ginger Brown R8/30
    Ginger Brown R8/30
  • Golden Wheat R1488
    Golden Wheat R1488
  • Midnight Brown R4
    Midnight Brown R4
  • Pearl Platinum R101
    Pearl Platinum R101
  • Sandy Blonde R21
    Sandy Blonde R21
  • Silver Mist R56/60
    Silver Mist R56/60