Just Right - Natural Image

This wig has impressive waves with a fringe. Length from crown, two and three-quarter to three and three-quarter inches, from nape, two and three-quarter inches and from side of head, three and a quarter inches. The cap size is Average and it has a comfort cap base.

Please note we only have shades 101c & JR56 in stock at present.

  • Brazil Nut JR8
    Brazil Nut JR8
  • Walnut JR10
    Walnut JR10
  • Pecan (JR12)
    Pecan (JR12)
  • Ash Brown (JR14)
    Ash Brown (JR14)
  • Frosted Pearl (17/101)
    Frosted Pearl (17/101)
  • Sahara (18/22)
    Sahara (18/22)
  • Wheat JR24L
    Wheat JR24L
  • Mink JR38
    Mink JR38
  • Silver Mink JR48
    Silver Mink JR48
  • Pewter JR51
    Pewter JR51
  • Platinum Grey JR56
    Platinum Grey JR56
  • Snow White JR60
    Snow White JR60
  • Pearl JR101C
    Pearl JR101C
  • Honey Red JR502+
    Honey Red JR502+
  • Buttered Toast JR504+
    Buttered Toast JR504+