Instinct - Natural Image

Lightweight and easy to manage wefted wig.

Cap size Petite.

  • Cappuccino
  • Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)
    Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)
  • Silver Mist (R56/60)
    Silver Mist (R56/60)
  • Silver Mink
    Silver Mink
  • Sugared Almond G58+
    Sugared Almond G58+
  • Chianti Mist G135+
    Chianti Mist G135+
  • Dark Copper Mist G130+
    Dark Copper Mist G130+
  • Butterscotch Mist G25+
    Butterscotch Mist G25+
  • Golden Walnut R1416
    Golden Walnut R1416
  • Ginger Mist G27+
    Ginger Mist G27+
  • Buttered Toast Mist
    Buttered Toast Mist
  • Wheat Mist G20+
    Wheat Mist G20+