Antonia - Hair World

This wig is a wavy lace fronted with a monofilament top. It fits an average size head and the hair length is 7-14 inches with a fringe.
Manufacturer: Hair World
  • `1BH
  • 4H
  • 26H
  • Black Cherry
    Black Cherry
  • Candy Blonde (Rooted)
    Candy Blonde (Rooted)
  • Cherry Blossom (Rooted)
    Cherry Blossom (Rooted)
  • Cinnamon Twist (Ombre)
    Cinnamon Twist (Ombre)
  • Iced Platinum (Rooted)
    Iced Platinum (Rooted)
  • Mixed Spice (Rooted)
    Mixed Spice (Rooted)
  • Sparkling Champagne (Rooted)
    Sparkling Champagne (Rooted)
  • Toasted Pecan (Rooted)
    Toasted Pecan (Rooted)
  • Vanilla Bean (Rooted)
    Vanilla Bean (Rooted)