Tilly (Mono) - Natural Image

This wig is ideal for ladies on the move. A short wig but with longer layers which can be parted and styled. The layers taper into the neck for a modern look.
Manufacturer: Natural Image
  • Midnight Brown (R4)
    Midnight Brown (R4)
  • Chocolate Copper
    Chocolate Copper
  • Silver Mist (R56/60)
    Silver Mist (R56/60)
  • Mink
  • Ginger Brown
    Ginger Brown
  • Glazed Mocha (R11S)
    Glazed Mocha (R11S)
  • Glazed Strawberry (R29S)
    Glazed Strawberry (R29S)
  • Buttered Toast (R1416T)
    Buttered Toast (R1416T)
  • Honey Ginger (R14/25)
    Honey Ginger (R14/25)
  • Golden Wheat
    Golden Wheat
  • Butterscotch
  • Glazed Sand (R1621S)
    Glazed Sand (R1621S)