Kira (Mono) - Natural Image

This monofilament wig consists of longer layers on a shorter wig style.  It is hand-tied on to an ultra-fine fleshtone mesh cap.  This means that it is possible to comb and part these monofilament wigs in any direction.  Gives extra comfort and a snug fit.

Petite cap size.

Manufacturer: Natural Image
  • Midnight Brown 4/6
    Midnight Brown 4/6
  • Platinum Grey 56/60
    Platinum Grey 56/60
  • Smoked Walnut 51/56
    Smoked Walnut 51/56
  • Cappuccino/paprika root
    Cappuccino/paprika root
  • Dark Chocolate/Henna Red
    Dark Chocolate/Henna Red
  • Sunny Auburn/Strawberry Blonde
    Sunny Auburn/Strawberry Blonde
  • Golden Brown/Irish Red
    Golden Brown/Irish Red
  • Sunset Brown/Candy Blonde
    Sunset Brown/Candy Blonde
  • Cinnammon/Spring Honey
    Cinnammon/Spring Honey
  • Light Chocolate/Candy Blonde
    Light Chocolate/Candy Blonde
  • Autumn Gold/Platinum Blonde
    Autumn Gold/Platinum Blonde
  • Dark rust/cotton blonde
    Dark rust/cotton blonde