Jill - Natural Image

Short layers which can be worn spiky and toussled or smooth and elegant. Layers cut into the nape of the neck with long wispy sides.

Petite cap size.

Manufacturer: Natural Image
  • Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)
    Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)
  • Silver Mist (R56/60)
    Silver Mist (R56/60)
  • Silver Mink
    Silver Mink
  • Sugared Almond G58+
    Sugared Almond G58+
  • Chianti Mist G135+
    Chianti Mist G135+
  • Cappuccino Mist G13+
    Cappuccino Mist G13+
  • Butterscotch Mist G25+
    Butterscotch Mist G25+
  • Chocolate Copper Mist G630+
    Chocolate Copper Mist G630+
  • Nutmeg Mist G10+
    Nutmeg Mist G10+
  • Buttered Toast G15+
    Buttered Toast G15+
  • Praline Mist G19+
    Praline Mist G19+
  • Wheat Mist G20+
    Wheat Mist G20+
  • Sugared Silver G56+
    Sugared Silver G56+