Action wig - Raquel Welch

Subtle layers with precision tapered ends add a new dimension to the short classic page. The Sheer Indulgence Top allows for various parting options and a light, cool fit. Let anyone yell, 'Camera!' You're ready for 'ACTION'. Style casual or red carpet.

Hair Type: Synthetic Fiber. Head Size: Petite Average 21 1/4'.

Approx. Hair Lengths: Front 5 1/2', Crown 6 1/2', Sides 4 3/4', Back 5 1/2', Nape 2'.

Suitable Facial Shapes: Oval, Round, Diamond, Heart.

Manufacturer: Raquel Welch
  • Midnight Brown (R4)
    Midnight Brown (R4)
  • Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)
    Chocolate Copper (R6/30H)
  • Golden Walnut (RB/2S)
    Golden Walnut (RB/2S)
  • Chestnut (R10)
    Chestnut (R10)
  • Glazed Mocha (R11S)
    Glazed Mocha (R11S)
  • Honey Ginger (R14/25)
    Honey Ginger (R14/25)
  • Golden Wheat (R14/88H)
    Golden Wheat (R14/88H)
  • Glazed Vanilla (R23S)
    Glazed Vanilla (R23S)
  • Glazed Fire (R28S)
    Glazed Fire (R28S)
  • Glazed Strawberry (R29S)
    Glazed Strawberry (R29S)
  • Auburn Mist (R30/27H)
    Auburn Mist (R30/27H)
  • Glazed Hazelnut (R829S)
    Glazed Hazelnut (R829S)
  • Ginger Brown (R830)
    Ginger Brown (R830)
  • Ebony
  • Glazed Sand (R1621S)
    Glazed Sand (R1621S)
  • Dark Copper
    Dark Copper
  • R2026S
  • Pale Golden Blonde
    Pale Golden Blonde